[Video] Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch. Women leaving closed-up communities

Recently, I was invited to provide a lecture on the back of my book Exodus uit de vuurtoren – Exodus from the lighthouse about women leaving closed-up communities. We talked about what they need when doing so in different phases and we investigated whether them leaving always leads to a break. We also talked about what society can do. Here are some highlights. Support artists

[Video] Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch. Leaders in the business world, show up. Not on your watch!

The new legislation which allows the LGBTQ community to be banned in Hungary is an abomination and is working against both integrity and humanity. It is a big risk and danger for the rest of the world. If such a legislation can happen in Hungary, some other politicians might be trying to achieve the same result in their country. This is one of the many reason to reach out to all the business leaders in our global community and to ask them to act now. As you may know, diversity and inclusivity are oftentimes used as a flagship to enhance Read More

[Text] An adult community does not shy away from self-reflection ~ Dina-Perla

There is a new player in the Jewish media lanscape in the Netherlands, called De Vrijdagavond – the Friday evening. A new sound and an interesting development indeed. The team approached me for an in-depth article on my work, the new versions of my books and some recent debates on the Jewish community. I think the result is excellent, so I am happy that I participated in this. Read more in the (Dutch) article via De Vrijdagavond. Support artists

[Text & audio] DNA with sprinkles. A baby on order ~ Dina-Perla

The healthtech options to get a baby on order are promising. Especially, if it turns out that healthy embryos can be created out of stem cells, a lot of women will get the opportunity to become a mother. If this technique will be commonplace, it will be revolutionary for the world. Also, there are many talks about printing ovaries and fallopian tubes. Read more in the fascinating (Dutch) article via Ouders Van Nu, part one, two and three. Also, listen to the podcast with Mariska van Dam to hear more about my vision for the future. Support artists

[Text] Endometriosis: much more than just menstrual pain ~ Dina-Perla

More attention for endometriosis, more research into the condition and more understanding of the pain that endo women have, that is what endo woman Dina-Perla Portnaar is striving for. This chronic condition affects 1 in 10 women in the Netherlands. The Endometriose Platform she created back in the days was used as a tool to lobby temporarily. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Gezondheid & Co. Support artists

[Video] Ode to my grandmother: we both fought hard in our lives ~Dina-Perla

Each week, a woman pays tribute to a deceased loved one in ‘An ode to you’. This week, Dina-Perla Portnaar pays tribute to her deceased grandmother. In their youth, both Dina-Perla and her grandmother were victims of domestic violence. A bond of trust developed on the ruins of their unhappy childhood. Dina-Perla can only think of one person to whom she wants to dedicate her ode: her support and rock, namely her grandmother. Watch the (Dutch) video via Telegraaf TV. Support artists

[Text] The worst thing is that I can’t have children. I am more likely to win the lottery ~ Dina-Perla

One in ten women in the Netherlands suffers from mucous membranes that spread outside the uterus and cause inflammation, better known as endometriosis. March is endometriosis awareness month. Media woman and writer/speaker Dina-Perla Portnaar recently set up a platform about the condition that has made her infertile. The platform she created was called Endometriose Platform and used as a tool to lobby temporarily. Whether Dina-Perla cannot have children – definitive – remains to be seen in the future. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Famme. Support artists

[Text] Searching pen with raison d’être. Follow-up, closure and Mother’s Day can be different ~ Dina-Perla

A biological child, that’s all I did it for. The last piece of the puzzle to counterbalance where I come from, to do better than what I have experienced myself. That’s why I woke up every day. That is why I ran at full speed in my work for years. That’s why I enjoyed trading short-term pleasure for long-term responsibility. That’s how I was programmed. Read more in the (Dutch) opinion piece ‘Searching pen with raison d’être’ via Trotse Moeders. Not becoming a biological mother is such a contrarian thing to me. Never in my life have I been so Read More

[Text] VIVA 400 Good Award and trends section ~ Dina-Perla

In 2012, Dina-Perla won the VIVA 400 Good Award for the voluntary work with domestic violence. She announced that she would write a book. See cover and body of VIVA magazine. Besides, VIVA magazine asked Dina-Perla to participate to the weekly trends section. Here are five things Dina-Perla loves. For years, Dina-Perla also attended TEDxAmsterdamWomen. Reports can be found via Frankwatching and Baaz Magazine (both online and in Dutch), but VIVA included this picture of Dina-Perla at the press table. Support artists

[Text] Endo-what? Five questions about creeping women’s condition endometriosis ~ Dina-Perla

Ever heard of endometriosis? The entire month of March is dominated by the painful condition that can cause infertility for women. Dina-Perla had to experience this herself. Endometriosis has not only caused her physical pain. “After trying to conceive artificially for a long time, I have to accept that I cannot bear a child myself.” Read more in the (Dutch) article via Fun X. Support artists

[Text] Walking saved my life ~ Dina-Perla

For most people walking is just a moment of relaxation, or maybe something they don’t even think about. For Dina-Perla, walking saved her life. It provides the feeling of being alive, fully connected and of deep joy. It is experienced as meditation and spiritual practice. Read more in the (Dutch) article via the Telegraaf, the Dutch Telegraph. Support artists

[Text] My period sometimes felt like giving birth ~ Dina-Perla

Endometriosis is a relatively unknown condition. Nevertheless, at least ten percent of the women in the Netherlands suffer from it to a greater or lesser extent. The blood from the uterine lining collects in other places in the abdomen, which can lead to painful periods, intestinal problems, abdominal pain and reduced fertility, among other things. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Mijn Geheim. Support artists

[Video] Voting in the Concertgebouw: ‘This is very strange!’ ~ Dina-Perla

The Netherlands went to vote on Wednesday 17th March 2021 for the elections to the House of Representatives. Voting was also possible in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. It was on Dina-Perla’s birthday. She voted for Mona Keijzer who does excellent work in the domain of innovation, start-ups and tech. Voting is not a given, so it needs to be celebrated fully. Watch the (Dutch) video via Telegraaf TV. Support artists

[Text] Dina-Perla was mentally and physically abused

Dina-Perla Portnaar is a strong woman. Despite, or actually because of, everything she’s been through. In her youth she was mentally and physically abused. This has consequences to this day. Dina-Perla fights her way up, which will rise higher than the highest mountain of mud that has fallen upon her. Maya Angelou once said it so beautifully: and still I rise. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Gezondheid & Co. Support artists

[Text] Month of ‘no’ to alcohol ~ Dina-Perla

Truth be told that Dina-Perla never drinks, or almost never. Giving up alcohol during dry January wasn’t a big deal at all. However, she talked about it via the Telegraph and via Radio Veronica, in the daily show of Dutch anchor Giel Beelen, to promote the autobiography Exodus from the lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Telegraaf, the Dutch Telegraph. Support artists

[Text] Huis van de Wijkkrant discusses Exodus from the lighthouse ~ Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla grows up in Jewish orthodoxy and a stifling reality, in which nothing is what it seems. As a young girl, Dina-Perla fights for freedom and love, flees her childhood home and decides never to return. Exodus from the lighthouse, with the main title Shadow behind and face towards the sun, is a compelling revelation and deals with Dina-Perla’s special life lessons from that turbulent period. Never before has such an entourage been described behind closed doors, including her time at the orthodox school the Cheider, so penetratingly and from the inside out as now. Ten years after her escape, Read More

[Text] Not going to the therapist, but to your horse: the therapeutic effect of animals ~ Dina-Perla

Every year, more than a million people suffer from depression and the waiting list for psychological help is getting longer. Increasingly, people seek refuge in alternative therapy, such as comfort from animals. And not without success. Simone van der Slot and Dina-Perla Portnaar talk about the benefits of fury friends. Read more in the (Dutch) article via RTL Nieuws, the weekend edition. Support artists

[Text] This woman had a terrible youth, but knew how to make it ~ Dina-Perla

Talking about an unsafe childhood is difficult. There is a huge taboo around it. Journalist Suzanna Timmer, who herself experienced an unsafe childhood, interviews her colleague and friend Dina-Perla Portnaar. Dina-Perla grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family and experienced violence from a very young age: “I was told I was a whore and a child of the devil. I was cursed, ugly, a profiteer and didn’t deserve to live.” Read more in the (Dutch) article via Mynd. Support artists

[Text] Tatum Dagelet goes for tea with free-spirited writer Dina-Perla

Tatum Dagelet was Dina-Perla’s neighbor in the Wouwermanstraat. She lived there with Ruud de Wild, her husband at the time. Now she sits down with Dina-Perla to talk about her debut novel called Exodus from the lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren and the memories of her youth. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Zie Oud Zuid. The magazine also gives away a first edition of the book. Support artists

[Text] Living gracefulness, a personal guide to working on yourself ~ Dina-Perla

Living gracefulness is a philosophical and personal guide to work on yourself, with basic principles on personal growth, empowerment and spirituality. The content was inspired by the oldest psychological and spiritual work that we have in the world, called the Kabbalah. The guide also embodies a special healing process between father and daughter. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Zinweb, which also featured a fragment of the first chapter for free. Civis Mundi and the Theosophy Association also covered Living gracefulness. Support artists

[Text] Living gracefulness ~ Dina-Perla

To be able to build up a decent life in such a changeable world, spiritual development is put higher on the priority list. Decent in the sense that people live actively and know when to adapt to reality and when not. After all, every individual has the perfect picture of the perfect situation, which is not imposed by anyone or anything and which serves as a guide. This personal idea is called the life path formulation. People want to maintain happiness and well-being and of course prefer to increase both. As an effective guide in which the basic principles of Read More