[Video] The Integrity Talks 4. You don’t know until you know. Dina-Perla Portnaar and Claudia Zimmermann

This is the fourth video in a new series of talks between Dina-Perla Portnaar and Claudia Zimmermann about different items which are so important in life. Welcome to the integrity talks. We talk about integrity – also on the work floor, current thoughts in times of COVID-19, 9/11, striving to be good instead of great, the question whether there is a Creator, coercion, how science is catching up on plant medicine and the impact of psychedelics on organizations. We do this to develop consciousness and unconditional love on our Mother Earth. Follow our conversations. Support artists

[Video] Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch. My unorthodox life | No nothing (*fill in anything) is ever worth loosing our humanity

The newest edition of Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch is dedicated to the Netflix production ‘My unorthodox life’ about a blended family breaking free from a Jewish orthodox community in the US. It is about the backlash that the production caused. Mostly, it is about the fundament of old works created by men many centuries ago, dictating current everyday life in these sorts of closed-up communities. I provide some quotes of the Shulchan Aruch to make this tangible. However, no goal, no religion, no belief system, no land, no nothing is worth loosing our humanity, which seems so obvious in the seculair Read More

[Video] Chief Spiritual Officers: Caring for the human spirit with integrity, grace and safety ~ Dina-Perla

Spiritual care delivery has proven beneficial to patients, families and front-line healthcare providers, especially in times of COVID-19. As the negative stressors continue to rise, the need for a compassionate and caring presence becomes all the more apparent. However, there is a lack of Chaplaincy representation at the highest organisational levels, which entails many risks. This is a global issue – in fact, in all sorts of institutions. For example, if we would do a search on ‘Chief Spiritual Officer’ via LinkedIn, not a whole lot of results would show up. ‘Chief Spiritual Officers: advocating for spiritual care leadership’ was Read More

[Video] The Integrity Talks 3. Notice those every day miracles. Dina-Perla Portnaar and Claudia Zimmermann

This is the third video in a new series of talks between Dina-Perla Portnaar and Claudia Zimmermann about different items which are so important in life. Welcome to the integrity talks. We talk about integrity – also on the work floor, balance between feminine and masculine in ourselves, coming out in the middle between benevolence and justice, the importance of making mistakes and accepting those without judging each other, creation and being awake to notice every day miracles. We do this to develop consciousness and unconditional love on our Mother Earth. Follow our conversations. Support artists

[Text] People Library ~ Dina-Perla

From 14th September to 1th October 2021, the exhibition ‘We…break the circle of violence’ will take place at the Eemplein in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. This nationwide traveling exhibition shows 30 powerful portraits of people who were able to break the cycle of violence in which they were trapped. I was asked to give a lecture in a very special and cool format: During the so-called People Library on Friday afternoon (15:30 – 18:00) 24th September 2021 at the Eemland library (Eemplein 71, Amersfoort), you can talk with me and others about forms of (domestic) violence or abuse. The People Library Read More

[Video] The Integrity Talks 2. Learn to say no. Talk with Dina-Perla and Claudia Zimmerman

This is the second video from a new series of talks between Dina-Perla Portnaar and Claudia Zimmermann about many items which are so important at the moment. Welcome to the integrity talks. We talk about integrity – also on the work floor, learning to saying no – especially women, self-worth in relation to getting paid and data prostitution. We do this to develop consciousness and unconditional love on our Mother Earth. Follow our conversations. Support artists

[Text] Dina-Perla’s work as a freethinker is included in the exhibition From Spinoza Until Now, Amsterdams Museum

Great announcement. Our new exhibition Freethinkers: from Spinoza to now opens on Sunday 5 September 2021 [the exhibition of the Amsterdam Museum runs until the end of February 2022]. To create this exhibition, we naturally first asked ourselves the question: what is a freethinker? Many answers are possible. The curatorial team sees freethinkers as innovators, idealists, troublemakers and free spirits. To us, activists are also freethinkers, because they look beyond the prevailing morals and conventions. A freethinker is a friend of his or her thoughts and will walk through fire for those thoughts. However, whoever is a freethinker for one Read More

[Video] The Integrity Talks. Love is the only Reality. Talk with Dina-Perla and Claudia Zimmerman

The Integrity Talks This is the first video from a new series of talks between Dina-Perla Portnaar and Claudia Zimmerman about many items which are so important at the moment. Welcome to The Integrity Talks. We talk about integrity – also on the work floor, about life, environment, women and also a little bit about politics. We do this to develop consciousness and unconditional love on Mother Earth. Follow our conversations. Support artists

[Video] Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch. Talking about stigmatizing subjects and being corporate

Can I write and speak about stigmatizing subjects, thus taboos and be corporate at the same time? Listen to the newest Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch with a brand new YouTube chapter set up. 0:00 | Introduction 1:38 | Can I write and speak about stigmatizing subjects, thus taboos and be corporate at the same time? 1:48 | Rise app 4:16 | My story 6:00 | Difference between the US and the Netherlands 9:44 | Sacrifices and bravery in the corporate world 12:43 | Soft and not high level mental violence 14:30 | Something must be wrong 15:28 | Not in my Read More

[Text] The desire for freedom ~ Dina-Perla

The extra large summer issue of De Groene Amsterdammer is about the desire for liberation. The team asked me to talk about the four stages that women go through when leaving closed-up communities. The phase of wrestling, of the direct response to where they come from, of the most authentic self and of the status quo, in which where they come from does no longer play a major role in everyday choices and interaction with others. This theme is also key in two lectures that I will provide just after the summer. I am very much looking forward to it. Read More

[Video] Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch. Amish versus Jewish orthodox community

Recently, I watched the documentary called Breaking the silence, which is a series of six episodes. The series shows how the Amish community functions from the inside out and how different generations within one family break free, find a new way of being a Christian and find some historical and spiritual meaning in Switzerland. It got me thinking a lot as I was blown away by the similarities between the Amish and the Jewish orthodox community. Now, what I know for sure is that I am finally learning to say no to whatever does not align with who I am Read More

[Video] Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch. Women leaving closed-up communities

Recently, I was invited to provide a lecture on the back of my book Exodus uit de vuurtoren – Exodus from the lighthouse about women leaving closed-up communities. We talked about what they need when doing so in different phases and we investigated whether them leaving always leads to a break. We also talked about what society can do. Here are some highlights. Support artists

[Video] Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch. Leaders in the business world, show up. Not on your watch!

The new legislation which allows the LGBTQ community to be banned in Hungary is an abomination and is working against both integrity and humanity. It is a big risk and danger for the rest of the world. If such a legislation can happen in Hungary, some other politicians might be trying to achieve the same result in their country. This is one of the many reason to reach out to all the business leaders in our global community and to ask them to act now. As you may know, diversity and inclusivity are oftentimes used as a flagship to enhance Read More

[Text] An adult community does not shy away from self-reflection ~ Dina-Perla

There is a new player in the Jewish media lanscape in the Netherlands, called De Vrijdagavond – the Friday evening. A new sound and an interesting development indeed. The team approached me for an in-depth article on my work, the new versions of my books and some recent debates on the Jewish community. I think the result is excellent, so I am happy that I participated in this. Read more in the (Dutch) article via De Vrijdagavond. Support artists

[Text & audio] DNA with sprinkles. A baby on order ~ Dina-Perla

The healthtech options to get a baby on order are promising. Especially, if it turns out that healthy embryos can be created out of stem cells, a lot of women will get the opportunity to become a mother. If this technique will be commonplace, it will be revolutionary for the world. Also, there are many talks about printing ovaries and fallopian tubes. Read more in the fascinating (Dutch) article via Ouders Van Nu, part one, two and three. Also, listen to the podcast with Mariska van Dam to hear more about my vision for the future. Support artists

[Text] Endometriosis: much more than just menstrual pain ~ Dina-Perla

More attention for endometriosis, more research into the condition and more understanding of the pain that endo women have, that is what endo woman Dina-Perla Portnaar is striving for. This chronic condition affects 1 in 10 women in the Netherlands. The Endometriose Platform she created back in the days was used as a tool to lobby temporarily. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Gezondheid & Co. Support artists

[Video] Ode to my grandmother: we both fought hard in our lives ~Dina-Perla

Each week, a woman pays tribute to a deceased loved one in ‘An ode to you’. This week, Dina-Perla Portnaar pays tribute to her deceased grandmother. In their youth, both Dina-Perla and her grandmother were victims of domestic violence. A bond of trust developed on the ruins of their unhappy childhood. Dina-Perla can only think of one person to whom she wants to dedicate her ode: her support and rock, namely her grandmother. Watch the (Dutch) video via Telegraaf TV. Support artists

[Text] The worst thing is that I can’t have children. I am more likely to win the lottery ~ Dina-Perla

One in ten women in the Netherlands suffers from mucous membranes that spread outside the uterus and cause inflammation, better known as endometriosis. March is endometriosis awareness month. Media woman and writer/speaker Dina-Perla Portnaar recently set up a platform about the condition that has made her infertile. The platform she created was called Endometriose Platform and used as a tool to lobby temporarily. Whether Dina-Perla cannot have children – definitive – remains to be seen in the future. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Famme. Support artists

[Text] Searching pen with raison d’être. Follow-up, closure and Mother’s Day can be different ~ Dina-Perla

A biological child, that’s all I did it for. The last piece of the puzzle to counterbalance where I come from, to do better than what I have experienced myself. That’s why I woke up every day. That is why I ran at full speed in my work for years. That’s why I enjoyed trading short-term pleasure for long-term responsibility. That’s how I was programmed. Read more in the (Dutch) opinion piece ‘Searching pen with raison d’être’ via Trotse Moeders. Not becoming a biological mother is such a contrarian thing to me. Never in my life have I been so Read More

[Text] VIVA 400 Good Award and trends section ~ Dina-Perla

In 2012, Dina-Perla won the VIVA 400 Good Award for the voluntary work with domestic violence. She announced that she would write a book. See cover and body of VIVA magazine. Besides, VIVA magazine asked Dina-Perla to participate to the weekly trends section. Here are five things Dina-Perla loves. For years, Dina-Perla also attended TEDxAmsterdamWomen. Reports can be found via Frankwatching and Baaz Magazine (both online and in Dutch), but VIVA included this picture of Dina-Perla at the press table. Support artists

[Text] Endo-what? Five questions about creeping women’s condition endometriosis ~ Dina-Perla

Ever heard of endometriosis? The entire month of March is dominated by the painful condition that can cause infertility for women. Dina-Perla had to experience this herself. Endometriosis has not only caused her physical pain. “After trying to conceive artificially for a long time, I have to accept that I cannot bear a child myself.” Read more in the (Dutch) article via Fun X. Support artists

[Text] Walking saved my life ~ Dina-Perla

For most people walking is just a moment of relaxation, or maybe something they don’t even think about. For Dina-Perla, walking saved her life. It provides the feeling of being alive, fully connected and of deep joy. It is experienced as meditation and spiritual practice. Read more in the (Dutch) article via the Telegraaf, the Dutch Telegraph. Support artists

[Text] My period sometimes felt like giving birth ~ Dina-Perla

Endometriosis is a relatively unknown condition. Nevertheless, at least ten percent of the women in the Netherlands suffer from it to a greater or lesser extent. The blood from the uterine lining collects in other places in the abdomen, which can lead to painful periods, intestinal problems, abdominal pain and reduced fertility, among other things. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Mijn Geheim. Support artists

[Video] Voting in the Concertgebouw: ‘This is very strange!’ ~ Dina-Perla

The Netherlands went to vote on Wednesday 17th March 2021 for the elections to the House of Representatives. Voting was also possible in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. It was on Dina-Perla’s birthday. She voted for Mona Keijzer who does excellent work in the domain of innovation, start-ups and tech. Voting is not a given, so it needs to be celebrated fully. Watch the (Dutch) video via Telegraaf TV. Support artists

[Text] Dina-Perla was mentally and physically abused

Dina-Perla Portnaar is a strong woman. Despite, or actually because of, everything she’s been through. In her youth she was mentally and physically abused. This has consequences to this day. Dina-Perla fights her way up, which will rise higher than the highest mountain of mud that has fallen upon her. Maya Angelou once said it so beautifully: and still I rise. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Gezondheid & Co. Support artists

[Text] Month of ‘no’ to alcohol ~ Dina-Perla

Truth be told that Dina-Perla never drinks, or almost never. Giving up alcohol during dry January wasn’t a big deal at all. However, she talked about it via the Telegraph and via Radio Veronica, in the daily show of Dutch anchor Giel Beelen, to promote the autobiography Exodus from the lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Telegraaf, the Dutch Telegraph. Support artists

[Text] Huis van de Wijkkrant discusses Exodus from the lighthouse ~ Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla grows up in Jewish orthodoxy and a stifling reality, in which nothing is what it seems. As a young girl, Dina-Perla fights for freedom and love, flees her childhood home and decides never to return. Exodus from the lighthouse, with the main title Shadow behind and face towards the sun, is a compelling revelation and deals with Dina-Perla’s special life lessons from that turbulent period. Never before has such an entourage been described behind closed doors, including her time at the orthodox school the Cheider, so penetratingly and from the inside out as now. Ten years after her escape, Read More

[Text] Not going to the therapist, but to your horse: the therapeutic effect of animals ~ Dina-Perla

Every year, more than a million people suffer from depression and the waiting list for psychological help is getting longer. Increasingly, people seek refuge in alternative therapy, such as comfort from animals. And not without success. Simone van der Slot and Dina-Perla Portnaar talk about the benefits of fury friends. Read more in the (Dutch) article via RTL Nieuws, the weekend edition. Support artists

[Text] This woman had a terrible youth, but knew how to make it ~ Dina-Perla

Talking about an unsafe childhood is difficult. There is a huge taboo around it. Journalist Suzanna Timmer, who herself experienced an unsafe childhood, interviews her colleague and friend Dina-Perla Portnaar. Dina-Perla grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family and experienced violence from a very young age: “I was told I was a whore and a child of the devil. I was cursed, ugly, a profiteer and didn’t deserve to live.” Read more in the (Dutch) article via Mynd. Support artists

[Text] Tatum Dagelet goes for tea with free-spirited writer Dina-Perla

Tatum Dagelet was Dina-Perla’s neighbor in the Wouwermanstraat. She lived there with Ruud de Wild, her husband at the time. Now she sits down with Dina-Perla to talk about her debut novel called Exodus from the lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren and the memories of her youth. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Zie Oud Zuid. The magazine also gives away a first edition of the book. Support artists

[Text] Living gracefulness, a personal guide to working on yourself ~ Dina-Perla

Living gracefulness is a philosophical and personal guide to work on yourself, with basic principles on personal growth, empowerment and spirituality. The content was inspired by the oldest psychological and spiritual work that we have in the world, called the Kabbalah. The guide also embodies a special healing process between father and daughter. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Zinweb, which also featured a fragment of the first chapter for free. Civis Mundi and the Theosophy Association also covered Living gracefulness. Support artists

[Text] Living gracefulness ~ Dina-Perla

Anyone who wants to become acquainted with the basic principles of the Kabbalah and with their own wishes in an accessible manner has come to the right place. After all, every individual has the perfect picture of the perfect situation, which is not imposed by anyone or anything and which serves as a guide. This personal idea is called the life path formulation. People want to maintain happiness and well-being and of course prefer to increase both. As an effective guide in which the basic principles are explained, Living gracefulness supports the life path, without any overloading. Based on the Read More

[Text] Dina-Perla wanted to start a family of her own after a violent childhood, but endometriosis prevented this

‘I knew; it will get better sometime’. Dina-Perla fled from her violent, strict Orthodox Jewish mother to childhood sweetheart Max. She would later start a family with him to break the cycle of violence and isolation. But due to a severe form of endometriosis, a pregnancy did not occur. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Jan magazine. Support artists

[Text] Infertile due to typical female trouble ~ Dina-Perla

Endometriosis Awareness Month is an annual happening in March. A lot of people have never heard of endometriosis, let alone have any understanding of the impact is has on every single aspect in life. This is a personal story on what it means to live with endometriosis and what the consequences are. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Telegraaf, the Dutch Telegraph. Support artists

[Text] Cheider: best guarded school, yet children turned out not to be safe ~ Dina-Perla

Telegraaf talks about the case of alleged sexual abuse at the Cheider, the lack of safety and the book Exodus from the lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Telegraaf. There was also a panel in which Dina-Perla talked about the long-term result of an unsafe upbringing. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Telegraaf. Support artists

[Text] More attention for endometriosis: support women and people involved for connection with society ~ Dina-Perla

Gerlise Teseling and Dina-Perla Portnaar lobbied for more attention for endometriosis in order to support women and people involved, for connection with society. A petition was signed by a lot of people and presented to the ministers. There were many roundtable discussions with politicians and stakeholders, including Endometriose in balans. The matter still needs much more attention, support and mostly, sustaining solutions. We are allowed to conclude: endometriosis is a b*tch. Read more in the (Dutch) petition. It was also covered by Europa Nu – Europe Now and De Nederlandse grondwet – The Dutch Constitution. Dina-Perla also wrote a (Dutch) Read More

[Text] What every woman should know: this is endometriosis ~ Dina-Perla

The intense story of Dina-Perla Portnaar and why she is biologically childless. Endo what? When the endometrium – mucous membrane – that is in the uterine cavity, extends outside the uterus, we speak of endometriosis, from first to fourth degree – depending on how severe it is. This causes complications: for example, if endometriosis starts to stick to the intestines, intestinal problems and pain with defecation can arise. Or when endometriosis sticks to the ovaries, fertility problems can occur. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Women’s Health. Support artists

[Text] Fonk magazine names Dina-Perla inspiring person of the year

Dina-Perla was named as one of the most inspiring people of the year by Fonk magazine. Why? Dina-Perla is a go-getter who knows what she wants. Her motto is: if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. She does not give up until she makes it happen. She is a role model who will bring much more to the world. At the same time, Dina-Perla was also nominated for the Joke Smit Award. She won the VIVA 400 Good Award in 2012 and was nominated for the Engaging Woman Of The Year and the Communications Professional Of Read More

[Text] As a Jewish girl I was programmed to have Jewish children ~ Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla Portnaar grows up in Jewish orthodoxy and a reality in which nothing is what it seems. As a young girl, she fights for freedom and love, flees her parental home and decides never to return. Exodus from the Lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren covers Dina-Perla’s life lessons from that eventful period. In the Netherlands, such an entourage behind closed doors, including her time at the orthodox school the Cheider, has not yet been described from the inside as it is now. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Nieuw Wij. Nieuw Wij also covered on Exodus via KRO-NCRV and Read More

[Text] My voice is my rescue ~ Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla Portnaar was confronted with violence at an early age. At home, she was abused. At school, she did not get the support she hoped for. She decided to write about it. De Kanttekening spoke with her. Read more in the (Dutch) article via De Kanttekening. Support artists

[Text] To Remember – an ode to my grandmother

In this section, we interview people about the drastic loss of their loved one. It can be a sister or brother, a daughter, father, child, girlfriend and so on. Each loss is specific and cannot be compared with another. During the interview, people tell how they experienced their mourning period, but also how they remember their loved one. “I would like to pay tribute to my grandmother. She was one of the most important people in my life and she still is,” says Dina-Perla Portnaar when we talk to her about her grandmother. Her grandmother Raymonde, the mother of Dina-Perla’s Read More

[Text] Orthodox Jewish Dina-Perla escaped from a life of violence. “Forgiveness took me six years”

In Exodus, the fourth episode of the KRO-NCRV series The Apostate, the youth of the Jewish Dina-Perla Portnaar is examined. She managed to escape from a life of violence and abuse of power within the Orthodox Jewish community in Amsterdam. “At that time, people had to die before the police intervened.” Read more in the (Dutch) article via Nederlands Dagblad. Dina-Perla also wrote an opinion piece on the matter: how a closed-up religious community can still be safe for women. Closed-up religious communities are not always safe for women. This requires a strong position for women, in leadership or close Read More

[Audio] Zwarte Prietpraat ~ Dina-Perla

Prem kicks off the new working week at midnight. Every Monday from 00:00 to 02:00 CET. Here is a selection of the episodes with Dina-Perla. Listen via NPO Radio 1. Episode 1th January 2018, episode 28th May 2018, episode 9th September 2019 and episode 20th January 2020. Support artists

[Text] Freethinker Dina-Perla and the Humanistisch Verbond

Leaving the faith you grew up with and with which you were entwined: these people could not do differently. It was never easy. Read more in the (Dutch) article via the Humanistisch Verbond. It was linked to a television production created by HUMAN. For example, here is what the Groene, TROUW and the Volkskrant had to say about it. Support artists

[Text] Former student of Orthodox Jewish school: matters should not be swept under the rug ~ Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla Portnaar grew up in an Orthodox Jewish environment in Amsterdam. At home, she was physically and psychologically abused by her half-brother and mother. Her school, the Cheider, a school for the orthodox community in Amsterdam, was aware, but did not intervene adequately. WNL spoke extensively with her. Read more in the (Dutch) article via WNL. Support artists

[Audio] What can’t stand the light of day ~ Dina-Perla

In What can’t stand the light of day, radio makers look for beautiful stories. News, but also the dark side of current affairs and society are the focus. They are supervised by NPO Campus. NPO Campus scouts, trains and guides the new radio talents of the Netherlands. NPO Campus offers talent the opportunity to evolve into a distinctive, recognizable voice on one of the radio stations of the public broadcaster. If you want to contribute ideas and provide input, check our Facebook page or Twitter via #nachtlicht. If you have the ambition to become a presenter on NPO Radio 1, Read More

[Text and audio] Dina-Perla Portnaar fled family and Orthodox Jewish community

Dina-Perla Portnaar grew up in a strict orthodox Jewish environment in Amsterdam. At home, she was more or less terrorized by her mentally ill mother and her half-brother. At fifteen, she decided to go to a ‘normal’ secondary school, instead of the Cheider, the only Jewish Orthodox school in the Netherlands. When she was eighteen, she fled home and cut off all contact. Fourteen years after this defining moment, she has written her story in her book called Exodus from the Lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren. Read more in the (Dutch) article via EenVandaag and listen to the audio via Read More

[Text] Physically and mentally abused in Jewish Orthodox family: It was literally survival ~ Dina-Perla

Child abuse not only occurs in isolated families in anonymous neighborhoods, but also in nice streets and within closed-up communities. Such as in the Jewish Orthodox community in Amsterdam, where Dina-Perla Portnaar had been terrorized by her unstable mother since her early childhood. Nobody intervened. Read more in the (Dutch) article via RTL Nieuws. Support artists

[Video and text] How writer Dina-Perla processed her extreme youth: “I started to push back”

From the window of her home in Amsterdam’s Van Baerlestraat, Dina-Perla Portnaar looks out onto the street where she grew up. “I literally look down on my old life.” The symbolism is evident, because she had to free herself not only from the strict Orthodox Jewish environment from which she came, but also from her psychologically disturbed mother. Read the (Dutch) article via NH Nieuws and watch the video. Support artists

[Text] Risk & Compliance Platform, risk management and living gracefully ~ Dina-Perla

On Sunday 27 May 2018, Dina-Perla Portnaar launched her second book, Living gracefulness, Levende sierlijkheid at the Amsterdam Bookstore. Living Gracefulness is a 30,000-word guide to work on yourself and it connects to both the private and business life. The method is called epistempiriology, which addresses the inner human who can get the best out of life, completely independent of the doings of others. Read the (Dutch) article via the Risk & Compliance Platform. See also the book section. Support artists

[Text] Risk & Compliance Platform and the debut novel ~ Dina-Perla

Many of our senior editors and bloggers are also book writers. Nils de Heer, for example, has published the books Bankspeak and The pain bench, in which he discusses the problems at Rabobank. Marc Pierar has gone on a completely different lane and writes books about the future. He started off with The Nomad of the Road and has already finalized five books with his main character Aziz Dijkstra, the Puzzle Man as he is called by his colleague detectives. Blogger Tony de Bree is known as the author of several management books, including Can it fly? about the trajectory Read More

[Text] Transparency is the hardest thing there is ~ Dina-Perla

Companies should open their doors every two months to customers, local residents, politicians and other interested parties. That’s what entrepreneur and communication specialist Dina-Perla Portnaar believes. According to Dina-Perla, companies can thus ensure greater transparency. Together with others, they can come up with new solutions to possible problems. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Management Impact. Support artists

[Text] Passionate work makes misbehavior impossible ~ Dina-Perla

Managers could initiate a conversation with their employees at the level of their inner self, because that’s when they get inspiration within organizations. According to writer Dina-Perla Portnaar, companies and individuals can use even more life force and they should work together more in the field of personal development. Portnaar wrote a book about it: Living Gracefulness, Levende sierlijkheid. Read more in the (Dutch) article via Management Impact. Support artists

[Audio] Panel on De Publieke Tribune gives hope for the world ~ Dina-Perla

Listen to The Public Tribune via NPO Radio 1 and Omroep HUMAN (Dutch). Three strong women with totally different backgrounds participated in the panel led by Coen Verbraak. Someone told us afterwards that the broadcast gives hope for the world. I think so too. Life is magical, especially when we put humanity first. The rest is secondary. Listen and share your thoughts. Support artists

[Audio] Break free from parents’ traditions ~ Dina-Perla

Monday, May 31, 2021, 8:30 PM on NPO Radio 1 and via HUMAN. Feel free to listen to this conversation (Dutch). We all grow up with the ideas and traditions of our parents, which we often carry with us for a lifetime. But what if those ideas no longer suit us? Coen Verbraak speaks with three guests in De Publieke Tribune Radio, who have said goodbye to the traditional religions of their upbringing. When did the first cracks appear in their worldview and what made them decide to leave that life? How do you choose your own path without cutting Read More

[Text] Transparency mirrors, teaches and dissolves ~ Dina-Perla

We live in an era in which the phenomenon transparency, in other words light, does remarkable things for our world. This phenomenon embodies the force of human responsibility, healing and redemption. Cases of inter-relational crime of all sorts come to the surface and get judged. These cases do not stay hidden and make the headlines, to prevent recurrence. This even happens in current Israel or in other places that have ecosystems with mechanisms of power, shame, lies, manipulation, blackmail, taboos and doctrines. The process of transparency could be stimulated. We still have a long way to go, especially within closed-up Read More

[Text] Jalta and the book Living gracefulness ~ Dina-Perla

Jalta interviewed Dina-Perla on the book Living gracefulness – Levende sierlijkheid in Dutch. A guide to work on yourself with some basic principles for empowerment, personal growth and spirituality. Influences are diverse philosophical works (episteme and empiria come together and become epistempiriology), the psychological-spiritual work Kabbalah and A Course In Miracles. Mostly, this guide makes the Kabbalah easy to understand for anyone who is curious about this work. The guide is a product of a healing phase between father and daughter. Read the article (Dutch). Levende sierlijkheid, een gids om aan jezelf te werken Zondag 27 mei 2018 lanceert Dina-Perla Portnaar haar Read More

[Text] Letting go ~ Dina-Perla

I let go of the cradle I lay in as a baby. My second half-brother texted me: “You should know that your mother will throw the cradle away this evening. If you want to have it, I will ask my brother to put it in front of your door.” See, there’s more in these two sentences then you could possibly imagine at first. And practically speaking, I literally and symbolically look down on the street where I grew up in, so putting this bed in front of my door would be a simple effort. I always said I wanted to Read More

[Text] Measurement points of forgiveness ~ Dina-Perla

It is no coincidence that psychology practices in Western society have been less effective in recent years than at the end of the last century. Quite often, the connection between psychology and spirituality is not created. Professionals zoom in on a specific area, while the helicopter view to see the whole picture is necessary as well. Thus, psychology can be functional, yet sometimes not sufficient. Here, clinical support is left out, only to talk about support for major life events, phases and transformations. Amongst other reasons, this is why the role of light workers becomes more and more important and Read More

[Text] Unpolished life experiences ~ Dina-Perla

Recently, I participated in the international summit on healing trauma, with the best international practicioners. During a couple of weeks, I spent half a day on two or three interactive sessions in which the latest developments in the field of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, healing and medicinal botany were discussed. Once I finished the summit, I structured the massive amount of knowledge like I always do, in order to implement everything in my own workshops, 1:1 coaching and lectures. Documenting darkest histories of our time I noticed one of the speakers a bit more than the others, namely Zainab Salbi, not so Read More

[Text] Close the Cheider and start over ~ Dina-Perla

If it is about meaning in this phase already, then growth is the only answer The orthodox Jewish school in Amsterdam, the Cheider, is under fire because of sexual abuse scandals. Recently, the Dutch newspaper NRC revealed that the school did not make a statement in the sexual abuse case of Ephraïm S. in 2012, only until the then minister of education had exerted pressure. Many people from within and outside the Jewish community will not dare to say certain things in the context of the sexual abuse case, a case in which Ephraim S. is suspected of abusing multiple boys at the school. I Read More

[Text] Why women are needed for security ~ Dina-Perla

In the past fifty plus years, there has been a lot of individual and unnecessary sorrow within the closed-up and religious communities; frequently, an effect of recurring, age-old patterns of coercion. This also has been the case in the Jewish, sometimes (ultra-)orthodox communities where I come from. I talk about the survival journey of my youth in my new book, called Exodus from the lighthouse. I grew up in an isolated, cold and fundamentalist home. Amongst other things, I had to deal with violence, I had to take care of my mother who was physically and mentally ill, while trying to Read More

[Text] Listening to the inner compass ~ Dina-Perla

Many people determine objectives in their lives according to culture or any other factor that indicates what winning should look like. A good life equals achievements based on expectations of others and of ourselves. We can work for tens of thousands of hours towards success and feel empty, burned out, or feel any other form of dissatisfaction when reaching the zone of success. Thus, winning does not guarantee happiness at all. Two things are important when it comes to achievements, namely what game we play and our own expectations. Wisdom comes with time Small and large groups all operate as Read More

[Text] Role of SQ in our work and the stories of our lives ~ Dina-Perla

I sat across a director of an executive search and leadership company, talking about secure base leadership, unleashing the individual’s potential, changing the minds of the top leaders of the country and more, when he looked at me in a daring way and said: “I read so many books with theories on culture, human behavior, risks, failures and successes. In the end, the key differentiator which will lead to success is not EQ or SQ, but IQ”. This man was trying to challenge me and question the psychological-spiritual backbone I built up in the past six years. It made me think Read More

[Text] Chief Spiritual Officers are the deep thinkers we need ~ Dina-Perla

Recently, I wrote the article why organisations need a Chief Spiritual Officer. From the higher consciousness community, I received praise, support and above all confirmation through recognition. For example: “it’s kind of something that you dare to go public with this idea in the Dutch business world and I so agree”. From the business world, there were a number of critical reactions: should managers and professionals not just use common sense? Is this bla bla or spiritual garbage? Finally, should there be a separate function for meaning and personal growth, similar to the Chief Happiness Officers we have and others? Meanwhile, Read More

[Text] Choosing what wants to come about through you ~ Dina-Perla

The moment of looking back and looking forward has arrived. We go inward to take stock of the past year and to plan ahead. Wishes are the first step and provide a direction in life. Constructive wishes are the next step, allowing you to put yourself in service of the whole, to contribute to the universe and to not want to hold on to any specific form of end results too much. Daily portion of inner work Apart from discipline and action, loving playfulness and flexibility can support your wishes. When you do the work, two natural forces within yourself are Read More

[Text] Why organisations need a Chief Spiritual Officer ~ Dina-Perla

When I type ‘Chief Spiritual Officer’ in the search bar of LinkedIn, I get about 65 hits. Some findings do not even match. All Chief Spiritual Officers come from the US and just one comes from Switserland. I find the results shockingly low and disappointing, because every organization needs a Chief Spiritual Officer to get through all the transitions and to stay future-proof. As long as organizations – and especially the corporate world – laugh about spirituality, do not want to transcend blind greed and do not want to approach mission and vision from a standpoint of soulfulness, we run Read More

[Text] Manifest for change ~ Dina-Perla

Manifest voor verandering Hi Benzi en iedereen die dit gaat lezen, Dit is Dina-Perla Portnaar. Ik reageer nooit op Facebook en heb alleen een passief account zonder connecties om spullen te verkopen. Ik heb nagedacht of ik hier iets zou schrijven of niet. Wat ik ga doen, is niet op ieder punt inzoomen en overal op reageren. Ik ga slechts één keer iets schrijven. Vervolgens ga ik de reacties lezen, maar het blijft bij één post. Concreter, ik ga mijn waarheid delen, voorbij het gelijk. Transparantie is het moeilijkste en ook het krachtigste wat er is. Ik zal transparant zijn Read More

[Video] Exodus, de Afvallige ~ Dina-Perla

Exodus, the Apostate with Dina-Perla. On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, via KRO-NCRV and NPO3. The broadcast will last approximately 60 minutes. Start is at 22:10 CET. Trailer Exodus, de Apostate with Dina-Perla: Missed the broadcast Exodus, Apostate with Dina-Perla? Watch Exodus via Uitzending Gemist. Support artists

[Video & text] Criticism of politics all around Lale Gül ~ Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla wrote an opinion piece and created a video (Dutch) on criticism of the politics all around Lale Gül. Met Lale Gül is de verkeerde persoon op het schild gehesen. De situatie Lale Gül begint zeer ongemakkelijk te worden. Lale Gül wordt ingezet in het politieke spel, zonder voor zichzelf te hebben uitgemaakt waar ze naartoe gaat met haar leven. Een voorbeeld van dit spel dat ondersteund wordt door vrienden in de politiek en de journalistiek – lees: goede uitgeefprocessen van haar uitgeefpartner – is de petitie ‘free Lale Gül’, oftwel Laat Lale vrij. De enige persoon die Dina-Perla zuiver Read More

[Video & text] Chief Spiritual Officers: caring for the human spirit with integrity, grace and safety ~ Dina-Perla

Spiritual care delivery has proven beneficial to patients, families and front-line healthcare providers, especially in times of COVID-19. As the negative stressors continue to rise, the need for a compassionate and caring presence becomes all the more apparent. However, there is a lack of Chaplaincy representation at the highest organisational levels, which entails many risks. This is a global issue – in fact, in all sorts of institutions. For example, if we would do a search on ‘Chief Spiritual Officer’ via LinkedIn, not a whole lot of results would show up.  ‘Chief Spiritual Officers: advocating for spiritual care leadership’ was Read More

[Video & text] Chief Spiritual Officer connects diverse disciplines ~ Dina-Perla

At the end of February, Dina-Perla participated in a wonderful digital roundtable / panel discussion on Chief Spiritual Officers, advocating for spiritual care leadership in all sorts of organizations. Dina-Perla wrote an article (Dutch) and shared the link to the video recording of that conversation (English). Chief Spiritual Officer legt de link tussen verschillende disciplines De Jeugd GGZ zit vol, medewerkers van kantoren snakken naar contact met collega’s en mentale problemen stapelen zich op. COVID-19 heeft erin gehakt en is voor veel mensen nog steeds lastig. Ondanks dat de negatieve stressfactoren duidelijk zichtbaar zijn, lijkt de aandacht voor de geestelijke Read More

[Text] The trials of Gabriel Fernandez and institutionalized failure ~ Dina-Perla

Part of risk and integrity is the theme of child abuse, which is one of the least attractive subjects in the public debate. A lot of the times, if a survivor speaks out on child abuse in public, he or she is met with an enormous amount of stigma, pity and doubt on whether everything is going well with him or her. Such a survivor must be harmed for life, right? I have to admit that it depends on what part of the world child abuse occurs in. The United States values survivors who speak out on their experiences or Read More

[Text] Twitter did the right thing by banning Donald Trump ~ Dina-Perla

Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t have asked the head of military to make sure that Donald Trump would not be able to launch a nuclear strike during his final days in office, if the national and international threat wouldn’t be as realistic as that. Trump remains commander-in-chief of the US armed forces. In fact, the world does not realise the severity of what happened at the Capitol and the role of Trump in these events. I may only hope that everyone who downplayed the risks of the presidency of Donald Trump will feel a lot of regret, if not now then someday. Read More

[Text] Mindset in times of COVID-19 ~ Dina-Perla

How to deal with stress, anxiety, uncertainty, fear and worry due to COVID-19? Not easy at all and it takes practice. However, it is doable, moment by moment and day by day. It’s time for an empowerment boost. Dina-Perla wrote a Dutch article on this matter. Mindset in tijden van COVID-19: tijd voor een empowerment boost Vanuit persoonlijke groei ontkomen we niet aan het onderwerp ‘mindset in tijden van COVID 19’. Logisch. Laten we namelijk niet doen alsof wat er onder ons speelt, niet bestaat. In dit artikel kijken we naar hoe we om kunnen gaan met stress, zorgen en Read More

[Text] Jewels to be grateful for. What makes you happy? ~ Dina-Perla

Jewels to be grateful for. What makes you happy? For some people, the big things in life are easier to list than the small things they encounter. For others, it is exactly the other way around. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Ultiem geluksgevoel Persoonlijke groei bestaat onder andere uit erachter komen wat je meest authentieke zelf nou echt gelukkig maakt. Voor sommige mensen zijn de grote zaken in het leven makkelijker op te noemen dan de kleine dingetjes uit het dagelijkse bestaan. Voor anderen is het precies andersom. Zij kunnen de eenvoudige zaken waar ze van genieten zonder aarzeling met je Read More

[Text] Keep that holiday feeling throughout the rest of the year ~Dina-Perla

We all know the feeling of anticipation before a holiday. We sometimes need a vacation in order to get rid of stress. However, deep down we all know that if we truly depend on holidays, travel and celebration abroad to be happy, something is missing in our day-to-day life. Here are some tips to live the best life possible, even when being at home and without incorporating travel. Balance is the secret. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Vakantiegevoel langer vasthouden Ongetwijfeld ken je dat onmiskenbare net-terug-van-vakantie-gevoel, nadat je een hele tijd op die break geanticipeerd hebt. Vóór de vakantie bekeek je de Read More

[Text] Intimacy is an inventarisation of ‘in to me see’ ~ Dina-Perla

There are four pillars when it comes to intimacy, namely physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual connection. In the end, intimacy is an inventarisation of ‘in to me see’. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Inventarisatie van ‘in to me see’ is echte intimiteit Ze zeggen wel eens dat seks één van de belangrijkste graadmeters is van een relatie. Niets is minder waar. Een gezonde relatie is gebaseerd op vier fundamenten, namelijk tevredenheid op fysiek, emotioneel, spiritueel en intellectueel vlak. Seks hoort bij het fundament fysiek, ook wel intimiteit. Maar seks kan ook zonder intimiteit en intimiteit kan niet zonder de vier fundamenten. Hoe Read More

[Text] Relationship checks are about different pillars ~ Dina-Perla

If certain pillars are stable within the relationship, chances are that the partners are much happier. Checking how the partners are doing from time to time and holding the space for change definitely adds a lot of value. In short, relationship checks are about different pillars. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Relatie APK gaat over verschillende pilaren Opvallend is dat we van kids af aan meekrijgen om netjes met onze spullen om te gaan. We onderhouden ze en als er iets mis is, zorgen we ervoor dat ze gemaakt worden. Een voorbeeld daarvan is onze auto. Jaarlijks volgt een verplichte APK. Read More

[Text] Decluttering | summer cleaning ~ Dina-Perla

Fortunately, we still have the photo’s. Dina-Perla has years of experience in letting go of material stuff. Here are some tips for you to start. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Ontspullen, een zomerschoonmaak Foto’s Geen enkel huis hoeft een museum te worden, met een verzameling van allemaal spullen van door de jaren heen. Voor die realisatie hebben we opruimgoeroe Marie Kondo geeneens nodig. Zeker nu COVID-19 ervoor zorgt dat mensen steeds nauwkeuriger gaan kijken naar wat wel en niet meer bij hen past en ze thuis blijven in plaats van naar de verste oorden afreizen, is ontspullen actueler dan ooit. Verschillende Read More

[Text] Self-realization means investigating what belongs to you ~ Dina-Perla

In this piece you will find a lot of theory on the Kabbalah explained. However, you will notice that the constructs are not as complex as you would possibly think. Self-realization starts with critically investigating what belongs to your inner self and what doesn’t. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Zelfrealisatie: wat hoort bij je innerlijke ik en wat niet Zelfrealisatie begint met kritisch onder de loep nemen wat bij jouw innerlijke ik hoort en wat niet. Er valt zoveel over zelfrealisatie te vertellen dat we een serie kunnen vullen met artikelen over steeds weer een ander stukje. Dat gaan we ook Read More

[Text] Relationship therapy can lead to fantastic destinations ~ Dina-Perla

Relationship therapy is something that Dina-Perla has undergone herself. Also, Dina-Perla has worked with couples, leading them to new findings. Relationship therapy can definitely lead to fantastic destinations, even when partners are generally happy with everything as is. Healthy relationships exist of people who don’t have to be together, but want to be together. Thus, they are great on their own already, meaning: they are their most authentic self, they know what they want, what they need and how those things come together. Relationships are built on a physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual foundation. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Relatietherapie geen Read More

[Text] Speaking about Unorthodox and One Of Us is hopeful ~ Dina-Perla

As said previously: transparancy is the hardest thing there is, if only because we cannot be transparent and sweep things under the rug. This applies to any situation, especially within closed-up communities. So let me stick to transparency and grace in my response to the recently published interview with Rabbi Yanki Jacobs by Chantal Suissa. This conversation is about the successful Netflix series called Unorthodox, in which the Jewish Orthodox Satmar community comes into the picture. Chabad Similar to Yanki Jacobs, I am not from the Satmar community, but I know it from up close. I grew up in a family in which various Jewish movements Read More

[Text] Basics of self-realization ~ Dina-Perla

The topic of self-realization is one of the broadest topics there is. Many books were filled with all sorts of bits and pieces that has to do with the process of self-realization. Dina-Perla describes what the benefits are to be still and listen. And there is more. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Zelfrealisatie: de basis Er valt zoveel over het thema zelfrealisatie te zeggen, dat wij daar eigenlijk een serie artikelen voor zouden kunnen uittrekken. Laten we in dit stuk bij de basis beginnen, namelijk bij de definitie van het concept ‘zelfrealisatie’. Op zoek naar jezelf In onze westerse samenleving zijn Read More

[Text] Interview NINA Magazine, Het Laatste Nieuws, HLN ~ Dina-Perla

When the documentary One Of Us went viral via Netflix, the orthodox Jewish community went for an interview with Oprah Winfrey on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. Now that the series Unorthodox is a success on Netflix once more, the ‘orthodox feminist’ Rivka Slonim, linked to Chabad.org provides talks worldwide to discuss the series and support orthodox Jewish life. Dina-Perla watched such a discussion broadcasted via Zoom. Dina-Perla understands that it is an important counter reaction that needs to take place. Fact is that Dina-Perla would never criticize orthodox Jewish life as such and for the sake of it. Fact also remains that coercion and different mechanisms and patterns that Read More

[Text] Art versus marketing and communications ~ Dina-Perla

Art is pure and at least a search for truth. It has less to do with framing and perception and actually none in Dina-Perla’s case. Art is gentle, warm, inclusive and lasting – also in terms of valuable data. Art can just be, without wanting anything from the audience in return, or at least anything such as strategic requirements, even though call-to-actions are definitely possible. Art is who Dina-Perla is and not what she does. You know what is funny though? Art is also marketing and communications and marketing and communications is also art. Support artists

[Text] Checklist for breakups and divorces ~ Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla wrote an article on breakups and divorces. She provided a checklist on how to let go and find yourself again. As Iyanla Vanzant states so beautifully: “people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. Read Dina-Perla’s article (Dutch). Scheiden Jezelf hervinden De wereldberoemde coach Iyanla Vanzant, onder andere bekend van het netwerk van Oprah Winfrey, heeft een schitterende uitspraak over relaties, echtscheidingen en uit elkaar gaan: “people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime” – mensen komen in je leven voor een reden, een seizoen of een heel leven. Read More

[Text] Jalta and the book Exodus uit de vuurtoren ~ Dina-Perla

Read Dina-Perla’s interview with Jalta below (Dutch). Schrijfster Dina-Perla ontsnapte aan het orthodoxe Jodendom Dina-Perla Portnaar groeide op in een streng joods-orthodoxe omgeving en schreef hierover een boek, namelijk Exodus uit de vuurtoren. Ook zat ze op het Cheider, de orthodox joodse school voor basis- en voortgezet onderwijs in de Amsterdamse wijk Buitenveldert, die vanwege een misbruikschandaal vorige week in het nieuws kwam. Je schreef een boek over je jeugd in een strenge orthodox-joodse omgeving. Is Exodus uit de vuurtoren een roman of een autobiografie? Het is een autobiografie en valt onder de categorie waargebeurde verhalen. Iedereen heeft andere namen, vanwege de veiligheid. Read More