[Text] Choosing what wants to come about through you ~ Dina-Perla

Living gracefulness Dina-Perla

The moment of looking back and looking forward has arrived. We go inward to take stock of the past year and to plan ahead. Wishes are the first step and provide a direction in life. Constructive wishes are the next step, allowing you to put yourself in service of the whole, to contribute to the universe and to not want to hold on to any specific form of end results too much.

Daily portion of inner work

Apart from discipline and action, loving playfulness and flexibility can support your wishes. When you do the work, two natural forces within yourself are being united over and over again, to make wishes come true. Those forces are rigidity and benevolence, as explained in the book Living gracefulness. Working on something means not neglecting your daily portion of inner work.

Free from condemnation

As understandable as such an end-of-year feeling of taking stock is to work towards a new beginning, A course in miracles, the Kabbalah and other psychological-spiritual systems show that this tactic is actually 180 degree away from the Real world. A new beginning can happen in every moment and is always in effect in the here and now. Fear does not exist in the here and now. Fear is about the past or the future, thus a shadow. In the now, you are completely acquitted of everything and completely free from condemnation. Miracles are moments of liberation offered to others and yourself. Atonement is in time, but not of time. Unchain everyone.

Make yourself available

When you are obsessively pursuing something worldly and think that it will provide total inner peace, you make yourself undeservedly small and you blind yourself to glory. The choice you make is a reflection of the evaluation of yourself and what you think you are worth. Besides, every choice you make is a representation of heaven or hell in the moment. Do not delay the process of receiving and make a new beginning in the here and now, by making yourself available for what can come about through you.

Let go of judgment

Complexity is of the ego and truth is pure simplicity. The most powerful way to start the New Year is not to go searching for something, but accepting everything that is. From that point onwards, you can improve and grow. Hidden thoughts however, can sometimes block the communications stream between you, others and the universe and thus also block the realization of wishes. That is something to investigate further. The point is not that you do not have impure thoughts, but that you do not want to keep them.

If those thoughts concern others, know that innocence cannot be determined by humans. It is given to someone the moment he or she does the work and opens him- or herself up to peace. Let go of judgment of yourself and others completely. Judgement is never about the here and now. Moreover, we often do not even understand what something is for. Trust yourself. You sometimes look for something outside yourself which you have neglected within yourself.

Constructive wishes

Sacrifice to make wishes come true can never be a sign of being on the right path. Nobody asks you to sacrifice, in the sense that no one is able to ask that from you, without your cooperation. Sacrifice blocks the possibility to receive. Denying yourself something causes attack, by which it is thought that attack is justified and love means sacrifice.

In short, living gracefully means working on constructive wishes on a daily basis, making a new beginning in the here and now over and over again, choosing what wants to come about through you, accepting what is and letting go of some thoughts time and time again. Of course we are being supported karmically around this New Year’s Eve to really finish things and to enter a new phase. However, all that we have is just a continuum of the work within ourselves.

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