[Audio] Break free from parents’ traditions ~ Dina-Perla

Monday, May 31, 2021, 8:30 PM on NPO Radio 1 and via HUMAN. Feel free to listen to this conversation (Dutch).

We all grow up with the ideas and traditions of our parents, which we often carry with us for a lifetime. But what if those ideas no longer suit us? Coen Verbraak speaks with three guests in De Publieke Tribune Radio, who have said goodbye to the traditional religions of their upbringing.

When did the first cracks appear in their worldview and what made them decide to leave that life? How do you choose your own path without cutting off your family? And how do you deal with that loss if staying in touch does not work?

Dina-Perla left the Orthodox Jewish community and is now a spiritual humanist. She grew up with her mother and half-brother, with whom she no longer is in touch.

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