[Text] Dina-Perla’s work as a freethinker is included in the exhibition From Spinoza Until Now, Amsterdams Museum

Dina-Perla vrijdenker Amsterdams Museum

Great announcement.

Our new exhibition Freethinkers: from Spinoza to now opens on Sunday 5 September 2021 [the exhibition of the Amsterdam Museum runs until the end of February 2022]. To create this exhibition, we naturally first asked ourselves the question: what is a freethinker? Many answers are possible. The curatorial team sees freethinkers as innovators, idealists, troublemakers and free spirits. To us, activists are also freethinkers, because they look beyond the prevailing morals and conventions. A freethinker is a friend of his or her thoughts and will walk through fire for those thoughts. However, whoever is a freethinker for one person can be seen as a troublemaker by another.

The exhibition shows people and groups from the sixteenth century to the present. We want to challenge visitors to discuss freethinking and topics such as tolerance towards deviant thinkers and doers. To what extent do we give space to the opinion of others? Can you ‘cancel out’ people for their opinion? Does everyone deserve a stage? A small selection of the questions and discussion points that will be discussed during the exhibition.

It will probably not surprise you that you are introduced in the exhibition as one of the freethinkers of our time. This is done on the back of a quote and a video from the HUMAN docuseries that you participated in.

Grateful that my work as a freethinker is being included. I will also give a talk. More information will follow later.