[Video] Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch. Amish versus Jewish orthodox community

Recently, I watched the documentary called Breaking the silence, which is a series of six episodes. The series shows how the Amish community functions from the inside out and how different generations within one family break free, find a new way of being a Christian and find some historical and spiritual meaning in Switzerland. It got me thinking a lot as I was blown away by the similarities between the Amish and the Jewish orthodox community.

Now, what I know for sure is that I am finally learning to say no to whatever does not align with who I am and the direction I want to follow. It sounds so insignificant, but for me it is. Being assertive this way is a learning curve.

What I also know for sure is that I am not one of those instacoaches, nor will I ever be. I can teach people on the back of some psychological, philosophical and spiritual works, but I only facilitate. I will not be one of the many that preach to others, simply because that has nothing to do with integrity and because I will not replace religion with something else. It is not up to me to decide anything for others. Besides, how sure can we ever be of anything that has to do with mind building and the non-tangible?

I am just a storyteller. Telling personal stories is what I love to do. That is enough for me.

Last, talking about spirituality and concepts of living forth in the world, there have been many tech developments going on for a while now, that will allow the brain to live forth digitally and in an avatar. Fascinating! I recommend researching project 2045.com.

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