[Text] Huis van de Wijkkrant discusses Exodus from the lighthouse ~ Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla grows up in Jewish orthodoxy and a stifling reality, in which nothing is what it seems. As a young girl, Dina-Perla fights for freedom and love, flees her childhood home and decides never to return. Exodus from the lighthouse, with the main title Shadow behind and face towards the sun, is a compelling revelation and deals with Dina-Perla’s special life lessons from that turbulent period. Never before has such an entourage been described behind closed doors, including her time at the orthodox school the Cheider, so penetratingly and from the inside out as now.

Ten years after her escape, Dina-Perla is confronted with her biological childlessness and sets out to investigate. Is it possible to unravel the whole? The autobiography deals with reflective testimonies, focused on the experience of the past. From a spiritual point of view, emancipated women are born. Strong women, on the other hand, are shaped by life.

Read more in the (Dutch) article via Huis van de Wijkkrant, part one and two.

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