[Text] As a Jewish girl I was programmed to have Jewish children ~ Dina-Perla

Nieuw Wij Dina-Perla

Dina-Perla Portnaar grows up in Jewish orthodoxy and a reality in which nothing is what it seems. As a young girl, she fights for freedom and love, flees her parental home and decides never to return. Exodus from the Lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren covers Dina-Perla’s life lessons from that eventful period. In the Netherlands, such an entourage behind closed doors, including her time at the orthodox school the Cheider, has not yet been described from the inside as it is now.

Read more in the (Dutch) article via Nieuw Wij. Nieuw Wij also covered on Exodus via KRO-NCRV and Vrijdenkers via HUMAN. See also for example Boeddistisch Dagblad.

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