[Text] More attention for endometriosis: support women and people involved for connection with society ~ Dina-Perla

Gerlise Teseling and Dina-Perla Portnaar lobbied for more attention for endometriosis in order to support women and people involved, for connection with society. A petition was signed by a lot of people and presented to the ministers. There were many roundtable discussions with politicians and stakeholders, including Endometriose in balans. The matter still needs much more attention, support and mostly, sustaining solutions. We are allowed to conclude: endometriosis is a b*tch.

Read more in the (Dutch) petition. It was also covered by Europa Nu – Europe Now and De Nederlandse grondwet – The Dutch Constitution. Dina-Perla also wrote a (Dutch) column for Buikspreker called: the best feeling ever. She also participated in the (Dutch) television production called Doctors versus internet, which was broadcasted via KRO-NCRV. She gave many interviews and used the Endometriose Platform as a tool to support her lobby work temporarily. See what Uitgerekend Jij wrote about it.

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