[Text] Searching pen with raison d’être. Follow-up, closure and Mother’s Day can be different ~ Dina-Perla

A biological child, that’s all I did it for. The last piece of the puzzle to counterbalance where I come from, to do better than what I have experienced myself. That’s why I woke up every day. That is why I ran at full speed in my work for years. That’s why I enjoyed trading short-term pleasure for long-term responsibility. That’s how I was programmed.

Read more in the (Dutch) opinion piece ‘Searching pen with raison d’être’ via Trotse Moeders.

Not becoming a biological mother is such a contrarian thing to me. Never in my life have I been so calm as now. I enjoy how I organize my life, what I determine for myself and especially what kind of surprises come my way. I’m sure there will be more and more, if only because the current times offer so many possibilities. As a humanist, I stubbornly cling to goodness, looking at the developments surrounding diversity, emancipation and the enrichment that could result.

Read more in the (Dutch) opinion piece ‘Follow-up, closure and Mother’s Day’ via Trotse Moeders.

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