Interview NINA Magazine, Het Laatste Nieuws, HLN

Dina-Perla writes, speaks and teaches about what she calls living gracefully. This means corporate spirituality, integrity, mind building and personal growth. In other words, personal and joint development.

When the documentary One Of Us went viral via Netflix, the orthodox Jewish community went for an interview with Oprah Winfrey on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. Now that the series Unorthodox is a success on Netflix once more, the ‘orthodox feminist’ Rivka Slonim, linked to provides talks worldwide to discuss the series and support orthodox Jewish life. I watched such a discussion broadcasted via Zoom.

I understand that it is an important counter reaction that needs to take place. Fact is that I would never criticize orthodox Jewish life as such and for the sake of it. Fact also remains that coercion and different mechanisms and patterns that do not serve humanity keep on existing. Those can have a lifelong, or even transgenerational impact if you will. Coercion is the darkest force there is, whatever the ‘flavour’ or ‘scale’ may be.

Nina Magazine, part of Het Laatste Nieuws, interviewed me on this (in Dutch), which – like always – I tried to do with as much grace as possible. You can expand your knowledge by reading my book Exodus uit de vuurtoren, Schaduw achter en gezicht naar de zon. Supporting artists who bring light into dark places means supporting change. Have a look at the books.