[Text] Living gracefulness ~ Dina-Perla

Anyone who wants to become acquainted with the basic principles of the Kabbalah and with their own wishes in an accessible manner has come to the right place. After all, every individual has the perfect picture of the perfect situation, which is not imposed by anyone or anything and which serves as a guide. This personal idea is called the life path formulation. People want to maintain happiness and well-being and of course prefer to increase both. As an effective guide in which the basic principles are explained, Living gracefulness supports the life path, without any overloading.

Based on the Kabbalah, the philosophical system of the epistempiriology has arisen. In the epistempiriology, the inner human who is independent of the doing of others, is addressed; the inner human who is able to get the best out of life. Lastly, the denomination epistempiriology consists of two scientific areas, namely epistemology – of the Greek word episteme – knowledge – and empiriology – of the Greek word empiria. Both are intertwined and theory and practice are inseparable.

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