[Text] Listening to the inner compass ~ Dina-Perla

Living gracefulness Dina-Perla

Many people determine objectives in their lives according to culture or any other factor that indicates what winning should look like. A good life equals achievements based on expectations of others and of ourselves. We can work for tens of thousands of hours towards success and feel empty, burned out, or feel any other form of dissatisfaction when reaching the zone of success. Thus, winning does not guarantee happiness at all. Two things are important when it comes to achievements, namely what game we play and our own expectations.

Wisdom comes with time

Small and large groups all operate as ecosystems with norms and rules. Most of us become ‘someone’ in the first half of our lives by working towards something, achieving goals, money and status. Often, we alter what we have become in the second half of our lives, because we did not love the game we played, or did not make a clear choice on what game would fit us best. Or, we gracefully reached all the levels of the game we played and closed a chapter. Wisdom comes with time, but for individuals who are open to learning and listening to their inner compasses, it comes at any given moment. Sometimes, it is too late to change and we don’t get more time to adjust our path. So, people can be extremely miserable when playing a game. They can be confused and think that the problem is that playing this game is too hard for them. They start comparing themselves to others who play the same game and expect what they want out of life to be achieved easily. This is when they often have lost touch with their inner compasses even more.

Fascinating and rewarding

Here’s the thing: we have to love – even adore – the game. Choosing the right game for us as individuals means finding the purest wealth according to our nature, because winning only – no matter how much in the zone of so called success – will never be able to fulfil us entirely. Winning is not (good) enough. The game we love to play is more often than not something that fulfils us even when we don’t get money, status or approval for it. It is more often than not something we love to do even when others are not watching. The game, thus process, in itself is fascinating and rewarding enough.

Clear vision and path

There’s another thing: our expectations need to be looked at even more than the expectations of others. Sometimes, we have a clear vision, but we lack a clear path. Other times, we set the bar way too low and think we are worth and capable of a fraction of what we truly are. We need to be really clear of our own expectations to know the risks of not ending up where we want to end up and to eliminate any roadblocks along the way. Then, we need massive action and flow. We love tasks that are challenging and seem almost too hard, if we love the game. Instead of fear, pure bliss comes up when we push the boundaries and keep on learning, improving and evolving. Then, short and medium term mind building becomes sustainable long term transition.

Imprint beyond time and space

Gosh, I love the game. I lose myself when in the flow, even when I forget my worth and when the path seems unclear. I feel alive and am making an imprint beyond time and space when playing. Most of all, I realize that I have to move forward and keep on moving. So this is goodbye for now and hello to the next phase. I feel inspired and at home when seeing others (you!) playing the same or a similar game as I and I truly love you all. I have never felt more at home than in the awareness and higher consciousness community. Keep pushing. I truly celebrate your moves.

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