Opinion piece via the Risk & Compliance Platform. Institutionalized failure: The trials of Gabriel Fernandez

Part of risk and integrity is the theme of child abuse, which is one of the least attractive subjects in the public debate. A lot of the times, if a survivor speaks out on child abuse in public, he or she is met with an enormous amount of stigma, pity and doubt on whether everything is going well with him or her. Such a survivor must be harmed for life, right? I have to admit that it depends on what part of the world child abuse occurs in. The United States values survivors who speak out on their experiences or writers of autobiographies much more than the Netherlands does, for example.

Also, people don’t let the theme of child abuse really get through to them. Oftentimes, child abuse is even left out of the media, because it is perceived as a small, private and complicated matter.

Have a look at my latest opinion piece via the Risk & Compliance Platform Europe on institutionalized failure: The trials of Gabriel Fernandez. I wrote it in English, French and Dutch. Some crucial messaging, especially in current times. Enjoy this weekend read.

English: https://www.riskcompliance.biz/news/institutionalized-failure-the-trials-of-gabriel-fernandez/

Dutch: https://www.riskcompliance.nl/news/geinstitutionaliseerd-falen-the-trials-of-gabriel-fernandez/

French: https://www.riskcompliance.be/news/echec-institutionnel-the-trials-of-gabriel-fernandez/

German, with the help of Claudia Zimmerman: https://www.riskcompliance.de/news/institutionalisiertes-scheitern-die-prozesse-gegen-gabriel-fernandez/

What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor but the silence of the bystander ~ Elie Wiesel