[Text] People Library ~ Dina-Perla

From 14th September to 1th October 2021, the exhibition ‘We…break the circle of violence’ will take place at the Eemplein in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. This nationwide traveling exhibition shows 30 powerful portraits of people who were able to break the cycle of violence in which they were trapped. I was asked to give a lecture in a very special and cool format:

During the so-called People Library on Friday afternoon (15:30 – 18:00) 24th September 2021 at the Eemland library (Eemplein 71, Amersfoort), you can talk with me and others about forms of (domestic) violence or abuse. The People Library is a library of people. You get to ‘borrow’ living ‘books’, in other words people you may not often or never speak in your environment. You can ask them anything. They can tell you what it means to them and how they got out of it.

In my lecture, I will discuss my work as a freethinker, leaving closed-up communities, children’s rights and solutions to harmful traditional practices today. Solutions that have also been put forward to ministries and will be put forward in the near future. Besides, you too can take action when you see something happening.

I’ll also say something about the fact that you can be AND that corporate consultant (for example – enter what you want here) AND do this kind of work. In short, something about strength, collective change, a broader view and cutting the stigma. Besides, there are no taboos. Where they do exist, it is a signal to take a good look, especially at the lack of integrity, with all the consequences that entails…

Want to join? Feel free to e-mail via dpmedia@mail.com. I will take it up with the organization.

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