[Text] Risk & Compliance Platform and the debut novel ~ Dina-Perla

Many of our senior editors and bloggers are also book writers. Nils de Heer, for example, has published the books Bankspeak and The pain bench, in which he discusses the problems at Rabobank. Marc Pierar has gone on a completely different lane and writes books about the future. He started off with The Nomad of the Road and has already finalized five books with his main character Aziz Dijkstra, the Puzzle Man as he is called by his colleague detectives. Blogger Tony de Bree is known as the author of several management books, including Can it fly? about the trajectory from an idea to a successful startup. Dina-Perla Portnaar who you may know from Risk TV is our latest addition with her debut novel Exodus from the Lighthouse, Exodus uit de vuurtoren.

Read more in this (Dutch) article via the Risk & Compliance Platform. See also the book section.

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