Art versus marketing and communications

Lots of great developments in global marketing and communications on my side. Crazy times ask for extraordinary business action and planning. However, nothing brings me more professional fulfilment than being an artist – a writer and speaker. I just can’t beat my true nature.

Nina Magazine, part of Het Laatste Nieuws in Belgium (well, Benelux region), interviewed me on the Netflix series Unorthodox and my book Exodus from the lighthouse, Shadow behind and face towards the sun. Make sure to get yourselves a copy on Saturday 23th May 2020.

See, art is pure and at least a search for truth. It has less to do with framing and perception and actually none in my case. Art is gentle, warm, inclusive and lasting – also in terms of valuable data. Art can just be, without wanting anything from the audience in return, or at least anything such as strategic requirements, even though call-to-actions are definitely possible. Art is who I am and not what I do.

You know what is funny though? Art is also marketing and communications and marketing and communications is also art. In any case: 23th May – Nina Magazine in stores – Exodus from the lighthouse. And action. 😉

Photography: Ingeborg Everaerd