[Video] Vrijdenkers, Omroep HUMAN ~ Dina-Perla

Vrijdenkers, Omroep HUMAN and Dina-Perla. On letting go of religious dogma and finding your own path. Four episodes from May 2, at 5.40 pm on HUMAN / NPO 2 and NPO Start.

Dina-Perla belongs to the Jewish ultra-orthodox community in Amsterdam. She attends the only Jewish orthodox school in the Netherlands, the Cheider. She defines life within the community as oppressive and dogmatic. She has more ambition than what is expected of her: to get married, have children and pass on Jewish culture. She longs for more space to be herself. When she starts dating, she feels empowered and manages to break free from the community more and more. But the dream of a Jewish child turns out to be persistent, especially when having children happens to be very difficult biologically speaking.

Watch every Sunday of May (Dutch).