Jalta and the book Living gracefulness ~ Dina-Perla

Jalta interviewed Dina-Perla on the book Living gracefulness – Levende sierlijkheid in Dutch. A guide to work on yourself with some basic principles for empowerment, personal growth and spirituality. Influences are diverse philosophical works (episteme and empiria come together and become epistempiriology), the psychological-spiritual work Kabbalah and A Course In Miracles. Mostly, this guide makes the Kabbalah easy to understand for anyone who is curious about this work. The guide is a product of a healing phase between father and daughter. Read the article (Dutch). Levende sierlijkheid, een gids om aan jezelf te werken Zondag 27 mei 2018 lanceert Dina-Perla Portnaar haar Read More

[Text] Letting go ~ Dina-Perla

I let go of the cradle I lay in as a baby. My second half-brother texted me: “You should know that your mother will throw the cradle away this evening. If you want to have it, I will ask my brother to put it in front of your door.” See, there’s more in these two sentences then you could possibly imagine at first. And practically speaking, I literally and symbolically look down on the street where I grew up in, so putting this bed in front of my door would be a simple effort. I always said I wanted to Read More

[Text] Measurement points of forgiveness ~ Dina-Perla

It is no coincidence that psychology practices in Western society have been less effective in recent years than at the end of the last century. Quite often, the link between psychology and spirituality is not created. Professionals zoom in on a specific area, while the helicopter view to see the whole picture is necessary as well. Thus, psychology can be functional, yet sometimes not sufficient. Here, clinical support is left out, only to talk about support for major life events, phases and transformations. Amongst other reasons, this is why the role of light workers becomes more and more important and Read More

[Text] Enforced, persevered and overcome ~ Dina-Perla

Recently, I participated in the international summit on healing trauma, with the best international practicioners. During a couple of weeks, I spent half a day on two or three interactive sessions in which the latest developments in the field of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, healing and medicinal botany were discussed. Once I finished the summit, I structured the massive amount of knowledge like I always do, in order to implement everything in my own workshops, 1:1 coaching and lectures. Saddam Hussein I noticed one of the speakers a bit more than the others, namely Zainab Salbi, not so much because she originally Read More

[Text] Close the Cheider and start over ~ Dina-Perla

If it is about meaning in this phase already, then growth is the only answer The orthodox Jewish school in Amsterdam, the Cheider, is under fire because of sexual abuse scandals. Recently, the Dutch newspaper NRC revealed that the school did not make a statement in the sexual abuse case of Ephraïm S. in 2012, only until the then minister of education had exerted pressure. Many people from within and outside the Jewish community will not dare to say certain things in the context of the sexual abuse case, a case in which Ephraim S. is suspected of abusing multiple boys at the school. I Read More

[Text] Why women are needed for security ~ Dina-Perla

In the past fifty plus years, there has been a lot of individual and unnecessary sorrow within the closed-up and religious communities; frequently, an effect of recurring, age-old patterns of coercion. This also has been the case in the Jewish, sometimes (ultra-)orthodox communities where I come from. I talk about the survival journey of my youth in my new book, called Exodus from the lighthouse. I grew up in an isolated, cold and fundamentalist home. Amongst other things, I had to deal with violence, I had to take care of my mother who was physically and mentally ill, while trying to Read More

[Text] Winning the right game ~ Dina-Perla

Many people determine objectives in their lives according to culture or any other factor that indicates what winning should look like. A good life equals achievements based on expectations of others and of ourselves. We can work for tens of thousands of hours towards success and feel empty, burned out, or feel any other form of dissatisfaction when reaching the zone of success. Thus, winning does not guarantee happiness at all. Two things are important when it comes to achievements, namely what game we play and our own expectations. Learning and listening to inner compasses Small and large groups all Read More

[Text] Role of SQ in our work and the stories of our lives ~ Dina-Perla

I sat across a director of an executive search and leadership company, talking about secure base leadership, unleashing the individual’s potential, changing the minds of the top leaders of the country and more, when he looked at me in a daring way and said: “I read so many books with theories on culture, human behavior, risks, failures and successes. In the end, the key differentiator which will lead to success is not EQ or SQ, but IQ”. This man was trying to challenge me and question the psychological-spiritual backbone I built up in the past six years. It made me think Read More

[Text] Chief Spiritual Officers are the deep thinkers we need ~ Dina-Perla

Recently, I wrote the article why organisations need a Chief Spiritual Officer. From the higher consciousness community, I received praise, support and above all confirmation through recognition. For example: “it’s kind of something that you dare to go public with this idea in the Dutch business world and I so agree”. From the business world, there were a number of critical reactions: should managers and professionals not just use common sense? Is this bla bla or spiritual garbage? Finally, should there be a separate function for meaning and personal growth, similar to the Chief Happiness Officers we have and others? Meanwhile, Read More

[Text] New beginning in the here and now ~ Dina-Perla

The moment of looking back and looking forward has arrived. We go inward to take stock of the past year and to plan ahead. Wishes are the first step and provide a direction in life. Constructive wishes are the next step, allowing you to put yourself in service of the whole, to contribute to the universe and to not want to hold on to any specific form of end results too much. Rigidity and benevolence are being united Apart from discipline and action, loving playfulness and flexibility can support your wishes. When you do the work, two natural forces within yourself Read More

[Text] Why organisations need a Chief Spiritual Officer ~ Dina-Perla

When I type “Chief Spiritual Officer” in the search bar of LinkedIn, I get about 65 hits. Some findings do not even match. All Chief Spiritual Officers come from the US and just one comes from Switserland. I find the results shockingly low and disappointing, because every organization needs a Chief Spiritual Officer to get through all the transitions and to stay future-proof. As long as organizations – and especially the corporate world – laugh about spirituality, do not want to transcend blind greed and do not want to approach mission and vision from a standpoint of soulfulness, we run Read More

[Text] Manifest for change ~ Dina-Perla

Manifest voor verandering Hi Benzi en iedereen die dit gaat lezen, Dit is Dina-Perla Portnaar. Ik reageer nooit op Facebook en heb alleen een passief account zonder connecties om spullen te verkopen. Ik heb nagedacht of ik hier iets zou schrijven of niet. Wat ik ga doen, is niet op ieder punt inzoomen en overal op reageren. Ik ga slechts één keer iets schrijven. Vervolgens ga ik de reacties lezen, maar het blijft bij één post. Concreter, ik ga mijn waarheid delen, voorbij het gelijk. Transparantie is het moeilijkste en ook het krachtigste wat er is. Ik zal transparant zijn Read More

[Video] Vrijdenkers, Omroep HUMAN ~ Dina-Perla

Vrijdenkers, Omroep HUMAN and Dina-Perla. On letting go of religious dogma and finding your own path. Four episodes from May 2, at 5.40 pm on HUMAN / NPO 2 and NPO Start. Dina-Perla belongs to the Jewish ultra-orthodox community in Amsterdam. She attends the only Jewish orthodox school in the Netherlands, the Cheider. She defines life within the community as oppressive and dogmatic. She has more ambition than what is expected of her: to get married, have children and pass on Jewish culture. She longs for more space to be herself. When she starts dating, she feels empowered and manages Read More

[Video] Exodus, de Afvallige ~ Dina-Perla

Exodus, the Apostate with Dina-Perla. On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, via KRO-NCRV and NPO3. The broadcast will last approximately 60 minutes. Start is at 22:10 CET. Trailer Exodus, de Apostate with Dina-Perla: Missed broadcast Exodus, Apostate with Dina-Perla: https://www.uitzendinggemist.net/aflevering/552001/De_Afvallige.html